MORE® is the software development platform developed by Lexica, which allows you to create and consume software solutions using natural language as source code.

Without coding Without solution design. Without modeling or architecture. 
Not even drag-n-drop. Simply by writing simple sentences, using your own words.



Log in to a complete creator interface and build your application from scratch, or evolve one you've already launched. The catch? You don't have to code it. Not even drag-and-drop it. Just describe it. Use your own words. It really is that simple.

End users, business analysts, consultants, everyone capable of describing a process or requirement is now empowered to build the application that solves it.



Once you've finished creating your application (meaning, describing it), it's ready to be used, on the spot. Add users, create records, get productive in no time. Our cloud platform will not only allow you to build apps, but actually use them in production environments with industry-class security and response times.

Not a fan of cloud consumption? No problem. Download a locally installable runtime version of your app, and voilà.



So, you've created a fantastic application that solves this huge pain you had. Surely others would benefit, right? Well, publish your end product into our app Marketplace for the world to purchase and use immediately. We'll take care of all sales and cloud operation, while you just rake in your shared revenue.

How about editing an app purchased through the marketplace? That's the best part. Since it's all natural language, just edit the text to fit your case.

Why Lexica?

We're not just about creating a faster, easier way to build software. We're about empowering anyone to turn their ideas into real world solutions. 

We strongly believe that great ideas can come from anyone, and that everyone should have the power to turn those ideas into material applications that solve problems and create value. Today the ability to create software is locked into a very small group, and yet knowledge is spread worldwide. 

With our technology, anyone can build the applications that drive the processes that make our world better every day.

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Are you interested in changing the world by helping to empower anyone with the capability of creating software, regardless of background? Do you want to get involved in the forefront of Artificial Intelligence-applied software engineering? Would you like early access into the next big thing! you're in luck! 


It is one thing to enable software factories and developers to be faster, more efficient, and more precise with the software projects they are already working on. And that on its own is a great thing.

But take a step back and imagine empowering a whole new universe of individuals and organizations, which until now, have not even considered the potential of building solutions on their own. While ideas and knowledge are distributed across everyone, everywhere, the capability of turning them into material applications is held back by a shrinking minority.

If that barrier were suddenly removed, what great ideas would we see materialized? What prosperity could be unlocked within unexpected communities? What surprising solutions could come from the most unlikely of places? That is what we wonder, and what we are fiercely working to find out at Lexica.

If this message, this possibility, resonates with you, we invite you to get involved and help us realize this vision.